Russian travel guide » Russia’s Market Characteristics

  1. According to various country studies of Russian tourists, the age group most likely to travel is the 25 to 54 age. Russia has a small emerging middle class, the vast majority of whom reside in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow is one of the most rich and expensive cities in the world. Sports activities, shopping, and recreation are very expensive in Moscow. At $9 a cup, even having a good coffee in Moscow will pinch an average person.
  2. Russian visitors are very inclined to stay in the best hotels, and usually prefer sun and beach destinations – often booked at the last minute – and are susceptible to marketing and promotions and destinations offering visa-free access or visas on arrival.
  3. Russians tend to take time off every year to travel abroad. Some Russians tend to stay for extended periods – even up to four months, particularly in Asian beach resorts – in order to avoid their home country’s harsh winters.
  4. The main sources of information for Russians when planning a trip are the TV, Internet, travel magazines, word of mouth, and travel agents. Russian tour operators believe that the Cambodian destination today is seriously lacking in competent support information.
  5. The survey prepared by the Global Blue shopping tourism company showed Russians and Chinese are the world’s most prolific international shoppers by a large margin. Russian & Chinese tourists account for almost 40% of global tax-free spend.

A concerted promotional campaign reaps dividends. In 2009 Switzerland invested heavily in marketing and received 28.2% more Russian tourists, despite the financial crisis and the perception that Switzerland is an expensive destination.

The guidebook “” is designed to provide the maximum positive and relevant information on the Kingdom of Cambodia. This is the only Russian language guide to Cambodia, created with the features of the national mentality. The website, guidebook and city maps best meet the interests and demands of the target audience.

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